Porselan tile adhesive


A product based on cement, specific aggregates, and additive materials and combined resins that make high adhesion and efficacy and is resistant against erosion. This product is comprised of various adhesive materials that are appropriate for tiling inside and outside the building and inner walls.

Advantages and applications

  •         Appropriate for wall tiling and the floors inside or outside the buildings.
  •         Appropriate for sticking various tiles and porcelain ceramics.
  •         As this adhesive can preserve the moisture, there is no need to moisturize the bed or tiles.
  •         Having the capability of setting the tiles of without caulk due to its delay in getting dry.
  •         Without slippage and having high primary adhesive power
  •         Having high adhesive power and having perfect sticking ability and complete harmony with the ceramics whose water absorption is low.


The rougher a surface is, the higher is the dosage. For a normal surface of 1 square meter 4 kilograms is needed.

How to use

 After adding 4 kilograms of the powder to 1 liter of water, mix it with hand or mechanical mixer so that you make a homogenous and ready to use product. Wait for 5 minutes and then mix it again. Rub the paste, with a maximum 2mm thickness, on the given surface by a trowel. Disperse the paste with a toothed trowel to regulate its thickness. Put the tile on the paste, press it and turn a little to make sure that the paste is completely attached to the tile.

Notice: to have a better performance, put the tile on the paste immediately after it is rubbed on the surface.



Appearance: white or gray powder

Bulk density: 1.6 ± 0.2 g/cm

Paste density: 1.8 ± 0.2g/cm

Shelf time:  approximately 2 hours (concerning weather conditions)

Approximate efficiency: 4 kg/m2


Packaging and maintenance:

Keep in 4-ply 25-kg packages with plastic cover in roofed places out of sunlight


Call Now for More Info:

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